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Our Process


As-built drawings and O&M manual collection.


Site Survey


Landscape asset list preparation.


Take over & Condition Survey report.


Action Plan


Plan execution


Ongoing maintenance (PPM)


Monthly reports, Incident reports, Technical enhancement reports etc.

Our Service Speciality

Our team is skilled, professional, punctual, and excellent at communication.

We guarantee top-notch environmental management services for your company.

We address issues promptly with exceptional communication.

We treat your workspace with the same care and attention as we would our own home.

Asset Replacement Program - Semi Comprehensive

Garden Landscape Design Maintenance

Replacement Program – Noncomprehensive

Green lawn enclosed by cobblestones. Tree trunk in the distance. Concept of landscape design

Italian Planters, a name synonymous with sophistication and expertise, takes pride in offering comprehensive exterior landscaping and cutting-edge automatic irrigation maintenance services. With a commitment to transforming outdoor spaces into havens of beauty and functionality, our company brings a touch of Italian finesse to landscapes of all sizes. From shrub bed maintenance to state-of-the-art automatic irrigation systems, Italian Planters ensures that your outdoor spaces radiate charm and vitality throughout the year.

Shrub Bed Maintenance:
At Italian Planters, we understand that shrub beds are the soul of a well-designed exterior. Our expert team combines traditional horticultural practices with innovative techniques to provide meticulous care. From seasonal pruning to soil enrichment and disease prevention, our approach ensures that your shrub beds not only look stunning but also thrive in a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem.

Lawn Care and Treatment:
A velvety green lawn is a hallmark of Italian elegance, and our lawn care services are designed to uphold this standard. Italian Planters offers a tailored approach, encompassing regular mowing, fertilization, weed control, and aeration. We understand the nuances of each lawn, ensuring that our treatments enhance resilience and maintain an inviting, lush green carpet that complements the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Tree Maintenance:
Trees are the pillars of a captivating outdoor environment, providing shade, beauty, and ecological benefits. Italian Planters takes a holistic approach to tree maintenance, offering services such as pruning, disease control, and seasonal assessments. Our experts focus on promoting the health and longevity of your trees, contributing to a landscape that stands out for its natural grandeur.

Hedge Maintenance:
Sculpting hedges into works of art is a specialty at Italian Planters. Our meticulous hedge maintenance services involve precise pruning, shaping, and disease prevention. The result is a harmonious integration of nature and design, where well-defined hedges contribute to the overall elegance of your outdoor spaces.

Innovative Automatic Irrigation Systems:
Italian Planters embraces technological innovation with our state-of-the-art automatic irrigation systems. These systems are designed for efficiency, delivering targeted and measured water distribution to ensure optimal plant health while conserving water resources. Our smart irrigation solutions are customizable, adapting to the unique needs of your landscape.

Tailored Weed and Litter Control:
Unwanted weeds and litter can detract from the allure of any outdoor space. Italian Planters employs tailored strategies for weed control and litter management, ensuring that your landscape remains pristine and inviting. Our commitment to cleanliness extends to pathways and roads, with sweeping services that maintain a neat and orderly appearance.

ItalianPlanters stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of exterior landscaping and automatic irrigation maintenance. With a fusion of Italian aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, our services are dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces. Trust Italian Planters to transform your landscape into a masterpiece that captivates and impresses, creating a lasting legacy of beauty and sustainability.

Our Services Include:

  • Shrub bed maintenance
  • Lawn care and treatment
  • Tree maintenance
  • Hedge maintenance
  • Weed control
  • Litter control
  • Sports ground maintenance
  • Programmed planting changes to use seasonal colour
  • Weeding, pruning, watering and tree surgery

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