1. Turf/Grass/Lawn


  1. Mowing

Grass to be cut to the height of 30-50mm once a week between April and October and once in every two (2) weeks between November and March.


  1. Trimming of Turf and Edging

Grass to be cut vertically and horizontally once in every month during March to October, as required during winter months, November to February.


  1. Verticulating

Once a year in April or October.


  1. Fertilizing

NPK – 20 grams per square meter

Urea – 40 grams per square meter once in three (3) months.


  1. Weeding

As and when required.


  1. Pest and Disease Control

As and when required.


While a vigorous, healthy lawn will better withstand and recover from an insect invasion, chemical application is needed to fight insects. As most insecticides are harmful to both humans and animals, the operator must always thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instruction for application.


  1. Watering

Lawns shall be watered at such frequency as weather conditions require to replenish soil moisture throughout the root zone. Generally, the following guideline will produce good results:


Irrigation Demand (mm/day)


Spring                                  Summer                    Autumn              Winter

  8.2                                          12.00                           8.2                    6.00

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