Interior Plantscaping Maintenance

Bring nature indoors, along with fresh air and a wealth of other benefits for your workplace and colleagues. We love plants.


Our Design Team can put together the perfect display to fit your space. They know which plants will suit the conditions, how they can help your staff and the perfect container to plant them in.


Our service includes:


  • A consultation with an experienced member of our sales team
  • Designing plant displays that will thrive in your office environment
  • Flexible options to buy displays or rent them from us
  • Regular communication with you
  • We will water, prune and feed to provide proper care for your plants
  • Healthy, clean plants will filter toxins from the air and keep producing oxygen
  • Any plant not thriving in your space will be replaced free of charge
  • We will use only organic pest control
  • Frequent visits and a central location mean we are never far away
  • Happy plants look fantastic and improve your environment


We provide weekly or fortnightly visits, unlike many companies who will leave it up to a month. Frequent visits by a passionate Horticulturalist will keep your displays healthy. This allows them to not only look fantastic but also keep the indoor air quality high. Dusty, unhealthy plants can't do their job. We do our job well so they can do theirs.


We offer an extensive range of containers in a variety of styles and provide the best plant maintenance there is. 

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