Swimming Pools & Water features

We approach pool building like an art form. Right from the design stage, we undertake in-depth planning and surveys. Our designs are formulated keeping in mind potential factors such as shape of the plot, landscape &terrain. After meticulous planning, we then build a truly customized product that caters to your exact needs.


Our team will help you understand the process from start to finish including:

  • A free design consultation including a review of your ideas and needs
  • Analysis of your yard for best use
  • Visualization of your ideas will be provided with interactive 3-D designs. We are keen to establish rapport with our clients to be able to know better what they want when it comes to their pool ideas.
  • Samples of different 3D pool designs are readily available in our pool design library to give our clients more options to choose from an array of unique, contemporary designs.


    Fountains are the most versatile water feature today. They can be indoor or outdoor, submersible or freestanding & can easily be suited to anyone’s taste or lifestyle. A submersible pond fountain can turn an ordinary backyard pond into an illumination of light, texture, and sound.


    Not only will a fountain bring beauty to your water feature, it will also aerate your pond, lake or water garden. There are even solar powered fountains available for the environmentalist or cost-conscience consumer! This is a great advantage especially if you have koi, goldfish, or any other breed of pond fish. Moving water will discourage detrimental bacteria, algae growth, mosquitoes and help keep your pond healthy and clean year round!!

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