Interior Plantscape

We design plantscapes for businesses of all kinds, enlivening the workplace and cleaning the air.  Our philosophy is to provide more than just a “plant in a pot” by creating living works of art with spectacular planters and exotic specimen plants in unexpected combinations.

Studies show that plants in the workplace result in happier, more productive employees with fewer sick days.  A NASA study found that plants do more than remove Carbon dioxide and produce Oxygen; plants also remove toxins emitted into the air from furnishings, carpets, and paints.


Our residential portfolio reflects our commitment to providing customized, one-of-a-kind designs for each client.  We specialize in finding top-quality, high-design planters and the healthiest expertly-grown foliage.


We are so confident in our plant selection and excellent service that we will replace any foliage plant under our care that does not thrive, so you can relax and enjoy your beautiful specimen plants for years to come

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