Swimming Pool & Water Features Maintenance

Some people may find swimming pool maintenance an easy task, so that they prefer to look after their pool by themselves. However, more often than not, it entails tedious tasks. A swimming pool system consist of electro-mechanicals that need to be looked after (i.e, pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, skimmers, etc.) and failure to recognize symptoms of breakdowns in any of these electro-mechanicals will only result to greater damages, thus, costing you more. And let’s not forget, there are certain water parameters in which standards were already set by the industry authorities to ensure that the pool is safe to swim in, unless met, your pool can be unsafe to use.


Hydrotech provides ongoing maintenance services to ensure a reliable and cost efficient operation of both swimming pools and water features. The maintenance programme is the most prudent way for clients to protect their investment. Accurate and timely maintenance enhances the value of the client property and generates additional demands for their use.

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