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Landscape Concept Design is a great way to ensure continuity in your landscape. Such a plan would identify key elements for the design such as the location and shapes of built features and planted areas, the types of materials and plants that might be used and the overall layout of the site. A Landscape concept Plan is intended to form the basis for all future work so that any further detail design is cohesive in style, theme and intended usage for the site. To prepare a Landscape Concept Design Plan, first a scaled base plan or site plan is required. We will measure and photograph your site together with existing site plans, floor plans, elevations, survey plans or aerial photos. Using the latest in Landscape Computer Aided Draughting software we are able to put together all the necessary site information in a manner that needn’t be redrawn later to form presentation documents. This ensures that all the work we put into your design always goes into adding more detail.

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