The Company
To provide Sustained Value Added Service Delivery in Integrated Landscape services for Premier customers, by continuous improvement in Satisfaction Levels and exceed the expectations of Business Partners - Staff, Customer, Supplier & Investors through Business Process Outsourcing, Cutting-edge Innovative Automation processes & procedures and a Partnership approach.
The Company’s vision describes who we are; the company’s goals describe where we are going. Vision is a combination of the company’s core Ideology, which never changes, and long-range envisioned goals to which the company aspires, yet will always seek new and well researched products and services.

Our People

Creating great experiences for our Clients and employees with our company values.

Our Quality

Leading quality standards in the Industry and setting the benchmark for the region.

Innovating with Technology

To deliver Intelligent Customer Service by creating and delivering unparalleled world-class business tools.

Vision statement
To establish ourselves as the leading service brand in the region in the Landscape Industry, throughout UAE and beyond, to face the industry challenges of a Post-Dubai EXPO 2020 & Post-Oil era. To diversify into various related industries by establishing new divisions / companies in a Company within the Company Concept. To operate within the Landscape industry in a manner designed to promote service delivery excellence through partnership with Staff, Customers, Suppliers and Investors.

Core Ideology
Core Ideology is a combination of the company’s core purpose and its core values

Core Purpose
To exceed the expectations in Cost-efficiency, Enhanced Service Delivery, Premium Quality of Products & Services and Staff Satisfaction Levels for all our Business Partners – Italian Planters Staff, Customers, Suppliers & Investors .

Core Values
  • The primary care of Customers
  • Stimulate intense Customer Loyalty
  • Encourage Employees to make decisions
  • Diligently pursue new products & services
  • Provide a competitive price in the market
  • Education & Training of Staff

Envisioned Future: Post-Oil Era
Become the Industry Leader in Middle East Region by facing the challenges of a Post-Oil Era.
“Our workday world is composed of steel, concrete, and glass. Yet amid all the noise and stress that are a part of modern life, you can provide small havens where nature seems to abound-interior landscapes-a natural and necessary part of the modern work environment.

Customers are refreshed and energized when they see lush green foliage. Employee morale and productivity are improved where plants are used. Plants lend an aura that welcomes clients and are a significant part of the corporate signature, instilling a sense of quality in the atmosphere. Italian Planters LLC uses living plants to create an environment that projects a company's image and reflects the quality of its operations.

There is no substitute for the beauty and serenity that plants bring to an otherwise harsh, stark landscape.

The use of plants indoors has become a health necessity-NASA studies prove that living plants make indoor air healthier.”
Our Management Team
Abdulhamid Ghuloom Redha Neama
Managing Director
Sebil George
Operations Manager
Basem Adel
Central Services Officer
James Paul
Business Development Officer
Sandeesh Kumar
Account Manager │ Irrigation Specialist
Sijo Jose
Estimation Engineer │ Irrigation Engineer
Robin C F
Project Co-Ordinator │ Engineer
Joe Jacob
Marketing Executive
Daison Davis
Hariraj Bela

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